Flipbooks, Photo Booth, Green Screen, Big Red Chair and all types of Novelty Event Photography.

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 Flipbooks Remain Our Feature Attraction! 

We have many more wonderful event entertainment and novelty photography services.

Flipbooks Are:

  • unique event keepsakes

  • interactive party entertainment

  • repeat product advertising

The on-site videos and KC FLIPBOOKS are a great ice breaker!

Your guests will think of you, your event, or product, each time they:

  • flip through the 3-D animated FLIP BOOK

  • show it to someone else

Schools - Ask how you can get an extra attraction or
photo booth
at no charge!!

Active Duty Military, Police and Firemen - ask about photo booth, big red chair and novelty photography discounts.

All offers are subject to certain terms, limits and date availability.  Ask how to submit an application for one of our special offers.


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Flipbooks Overland Park KS